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What's That Rattling Sound?

Is Your Muffler Hanging?

Sparks Fly

You're dreaming of a wedding. The anticipated hoopla with close friends and family has come and gone. The smiles, cheers, and dancing have all finished. It's time for the newlyweds to run to their Volkswagen and ride off into the sunset. You turn on the ignition, and off you go. The sound of empty cans rings out as you wave goodbye. Wake up! You didn't get married; your muffler bracket just fell off, and it's dragging under your vehicle. Sparks are flying, and hissing, banging, and loud rattles begin all at once. The once-happy daydream wife is panic-stricken, and you're in complete shock. What do you do? Call Delta V Motorsports at (804) 355-4440 or visit Delta V Motorsports at 1510 Webster St Richmond, VA 23220 and get your muffler bracket inspected.

Muffler Bracket Failure

Delta V Motorsports in Richmond, Virginia, knows Volkswagens and the ramifications of muffler bracket failure. This bracket keeps your exhaust pipe hanging safely below your vehicle. If this bracket becomes loose, the connecting exhaust system, most importantly, the catalytic converter, may get damaged, causing enormous out-of-pocket repair expenses. Not a good way to end a wedding fantasy.

A muffler bracket is also known as the exhaust hanger. It keeps the muffler hanging safely below your vehicle. Over time, routine driving may weaken or loosen the muffler bracket. When the muffler bracket is loose, it could compromise your vehicle's performance and cause a repair chain reaction. Damage to A loose muffler bracket exposes valuable parts of the exhaust system to damage.

Shake, Rattle, and Uh…Vibrate

When your vehicle is having trouble, it speaks a universal language that is loud and clear. Shake, rattle, and vibrate. Sounds to notify us the vehicle needs attention. You may hear a rattling sound or feel light vibrations under the vehicle, especially after hitting a pothole or speed bump. The engine may misfire, there is a loss of power, and your vehicle may be subject to an exhaust repair. She tried to warn you. Did you listen?

After a daydream wedding turns into a real-time nightmare emergency, have your muffler bracket and exhaust system carefully viewed by Delta V Motorsports experts. Don't leave your muffler hanging out in the cold when there's a warm place to call home.

Call Delta V Motorsports at (804) 355-4440or visit Delta V Motorsports at 1510 Webster St Richmond, VA 23220 for a complete muffler bracket inspection.

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