Volkswagen AC Repair

Volkswagen AC Repair in Richmond, Virginia

Service That Keeps You Comfortable All Year Round

Your Volkswagen vehicle’s AC (air conditioning) system works to provide a comfortable drive for all. Not only does it cool the cabin at a moment’s notice, but it also rids the cabin of any moisture. To ensure your air conditioning is always up to par, we recommend coming in for regular inspections and though rarer, recharge service to restore the system’s function. An AC recharge service adds replacement refrigerant to the system once it has run low, which happens most often due to a leak. You can also do a few tasks on your own to help your AC unit run error-free. At least once a week, turn on the system for about 10 minutes to maintain proper gas pressure—this won’t be a hard feat in the summer, but keep it up during the cooler months too. After, run the defroster for five to ten minutes; this prevents mildew and removes excess moisture. One last tip: stay alert for any changes in your air conditioning system and schedule service promptly. At Delta V Motorsports in Richmond, Virginia, we offer Volkswagen AC repair and service that ensure a well-operating system all year round.