MINI Wheel Alignment

MINI Wheel Alignment in Richmond, Virginia

The Basics of Wheel Alignment Service

Proper wheel alignment results in a smooth and stable ride every time you take to the road. When your wheels are positioned correctly, your wheels and tires last longer, handling is improved, and rolling resistance is minimized. And, of course, your safety is ensured. Your wheels need to be set at specific measurements to ensure accurate operation. These include the camber, caster, and toe. The camber is the inward/outward tilt of the top of the wheel, the caster is the steering pivot angle when viewing the vehicle’s side, and the toe is the measurement of how much the wheels are turned inward/outward from a straight position. Serving Richmond, Virginia, Delta V Motorsports offers professional MINI wheel alignment for your German car. We provide front-wheel, four-wheel, and thrust-angle alignment services. If your vehicle requires expert service, schedule an appointment with our auto shop! You can do so online or by phone at (804) 355-4440.