BMW X5 Oil Pan Repair

BMW X5 Oil Pan Repair in Richmond, Virginia

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The oil pan plays an important part in the operation of your BMW X5’s engine. Without it, it would be significantly difficult to maintain the proper amount of oil in your engine. The oil pan is an external component located at the engine’s bottom and is essentially the reservoir for the oil that circulates the engine. It is made of steel or aluminum. The oil pump extracts the oil from the pan to the engine and returns it to the pan once it has passed through the engine. The drain plug used to change the oil is also located on the oil pan. A related part is the oil pan gasket, which seals the oil pan to the engine block; it contracts and expands in correlation to the engine’s temperature. Oil is crucial to an engine for various reasons: it lubricates the moving parts, keeps the engine clean, and maintains a stable temperature by absorbing excess heat. Over time, oil pans can become damaged or even malfunction. Here at Delta V Motorsports in Richmond, Virginia, we provide professional BMW X5 oil pan repair that gets it working like new again.