MINI Repair

Electrical Fails

What to Look for and Know

Electrical Failures and Preventative Care

MINI Cooper owners may know more than they would like about electrical failures. It's important to pay attention to preventative maintenance to avoid costly MINI repairs. Bring your MINI to Delta V Motorsports so we can check the battery and the battery cables for rust, corrosion, loose connections, and a secured battery. When the hood is up, we can also check the fuse box, oil levels, belts, and hoses and perform a quick visual inspection.

Visual Inspection Finds

During a visual inspection, rust and battery cable corrosion may be apparent, which is common for a non-start situation. When this occurs, a battery checkup is needed. If you hear that infamous click, click, click sound, your MINI is not leaving the station. The battery has lost its charge, or the alternator needs to be inspected. Maybe your alternator isn't working correctly. The serpentine belt drives the alternator. If the serpentine belt breaks, your MINI does not have a charging relay for the battery, and the alternator will not function. The objective is to keep the battery and the engine area clean and debris-free. A clean engine is easier to spot trouble than a dirty engine.

A visual inspection can also spot broken belts and leaks. Notice fluid dripping or a damaged belt. You'll be able to alert Delta V Motorsports about a specific issue.

It's imperative to know about recalls for your MINI, also. One part could be the power steering pump. Failure is usually caused by low-power steering fluid or the electric cooling fan. We advise all MINI owners to check with their dealership and warranty for any types of recalls.

Simple Fix or Hidden Enemy

Your problem could be as simple as a blown fuse. However, if your fuses continue to blow out, there is a hidden enemy within the electrical circuit or system. We advise you to bring your vehicle in for an electrical inspection to avoid further damage and expensive MINI repairs. If your MINI is having any of the problems listed above, please call Delta V Motorsports at (804) 355-4440or visit Delta V Motorsports at 1510 Webster St Richmond, VA 23220

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