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How to Spot AC Mold Issues in Your BMW

What's a Differential Diagnosis?

An early warning sign that your BMW is experiencing air conditioning issues is low cooling capacity. This usually means the refrigerant is low. When the miracle of air conditioning isn't working properly, you may also notice a strange odor coming out of your vents. Although a foul odor from your AC is unusual, don't panic. A foul odor could be mold, so heed the warning and take precautions. Has your AC system been checked asap?

A differential diagnosis is used to find the cause of a problem. It's a sequence of questions to help the diagnostician locate the vehicle's trouble. Does the air conditioner blow air? If air is not blowing out, it could be an electrical switch issue. If air is blowing at any level, it could be the blower motor or HVAC blower.

When you turn on your AC to full blast and limited airflow is blowing, the AC filter may be dirty or damaged. It's advised to change your AC filter after long drives or when the owner manual recommends changing the AC filter. Is hot air blowing out? If the vents blow hot air, the trouble could be Freon or a refrigerant leak. Freon circulates through the air conditioner system and causes the air to come out cool. Leaks are also common in BMW air conditioners, except they require special diagnostic tools to locate and repair.

AC Failure

Now let's look at air conditioner failure. The air compressor generates power, causing air to blow out of the vents. When the air compressor malfunctions, the air will be diminished. Next are Freon leaks and O-ring failure or a seal that has deteriorated. We trace the leak to the source, and the problem is usually solved.

Before the summer driving season begins, we recommend a complete vehicle air conditioning check to help keep you cool and avoid an unexpected air conditioning repair bill. When we find a leak, a dirty filter, low coolant levels, or discover a limited airflow early on, it reduces the need for additional air conditioning maintenance.

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