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Delta V Motorsports now offers in house precision alignment services with the Hofmann Geoliner 650XD.

After many years of outsourcing our alignments and then moving to the new space,we purchased the geoliner 650 imaging alignment system.  This new alignment machine combines the benefits of camera technology and quality. It offers a patented VODI Graphic Display with High-Definition (HD) cameras to provide visual and directional assistance during the alignment measuring procedure.   The scissor lift that we purchased with it also has longer ramps than most and allows for lowered vehicles to be more easily positioned and set up for alignments.


We offer Standard alignments starting at only $89.95 for a 4 wheel alignment that's TRULY within spec and balanced side to side.  Corner balancing, performance/custom alignments available for additional cost.

  • pic2Hofmann-650XD