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Wheel Bearings

Wheel bearings aren’t a part of maintenance that you regularly think about. At Delta V Motorsports in Richmond, we know there are a lot of vehicles on the road with failing wheel bearings, with drivers that aren’t even aware there’s a problem. Bearings fail slowly, typically, so it’s entirely possible that your car is making excessive road noise, underperforming, wearing out your tires, and decreasing your ride quality, without you even knowing it. Since they wear out slowly, most of the time you don’t notice how bad a bearing has deteriorated until it’s been replaced, and you’re reminded of the way your car, truck, or SUV is supposed to perform.

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Service Lights

The service lights on your dash can illuminate for a variety of reasons. At Delta V Motorsports in Richmond, we know how to handle them.

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Thanks, Delta V!


I want to thank Delta V Motorsports here in Richmond Virginia. Shout out to Glenn and Willie who took great care of 88Westy. New blower motor, heater core and stainless lines. Did the leaky gas tank fix and a fantastic once over the van. Willie, now 88Westy's mechanic, has been working on VWs for more than 30 years. Glenn Burton made us feel as we were his only clients and I know that's not true, just walk through the shop!  Glenn was also our tour guide advisor, a man of many hats! My wife and I spent our 1st anniversary in Richmond this weekend. We took lots of photos  with the murals around the area. We also brewery hopped ! A great time in RVA! Thanks Delta V ! - Jeff B. (5 star review on Yelp)

Leaking Tires?

Your tires are the only part of your vehicle that ever come in contact with the road (hopefully.) As a result, they also bear the brunt of every pothole and loose nail in the road, not to mention the wear and tear of supporting a moving vehicle that weighs over a ton. At Delta V Motorsports in Richmond, we offer solutions to your tire problems that avoid replacing them if possible, getting you the most value out of your tires. Why throw an otherwise good tire out, if all it needs is a simple repair?

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