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Winterizing Your Vehicle

“Winterize” is a term you see thrown around a lot at mechanic shops and auto parts stores. What does it actually entail though? As with most things, there are the basics, and then there are the above and beyond approaches. Depending on what sort of winter you’re expecting, and how much you intend to drive in it, should determine how you winterize your car. We at Delta V Motorsports in Richmond have prepared some tips for you, to help you better understand what it means to winterize a car, and how to prepare for the months ahead.

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Our Portfolio

Our Portfolio.  Take a look at our beauties!

We have some of the hottest cars on the streets!  We also have access to thousands of OE replacement parts and High Performance parts to make your vehicle as unique as you are and fit your budget.  If you have particular parts that you are interested in and we are unable to source, we are more than happy to install them for you.  Delta V Motorsports is conveniently located 3 blocks from the 301 exit off I-95/64, 2 blocks off Chamberlayne and 1 block off Brook Road. Contact us by phone, email, using the form below, or just stop by and check out the new shop.

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The Importance of Routine Maintenance

An article about routine maintenance probably doesn’t sound like the most riveting read, but at Delta V Motorsports in Richmond, proper maintenance is something we believe in wholeheartedly. Routine maintenance is the key to making a car last for decades; if done correctly, your car will stay reliable and enjoyable to drive, and you will save time and money in the process. 

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I can't recommend these guys highly enough.

Glenn and his team of knowledgable technicians are a joy to work with. Whether it is your pride and joy VW Vanagon camper, your BMW race car or your daily get you to work car these guys will treat it with the love it deserves. I can't recommend these guys highly enough, you pay for what you get, but in this case you aren't paying main dealer prices. - Phil R.

I really appreciate the attention to detail.

Given the impending Snowmageddon, I threw a Hail Mary call to Glenn at Delta V just before 7AM this morning to see if he could swap out my summer wheels and tires for my winter set. To my surprise, he called me just after 8AM to tell me he could oblige. The guys started at the job shortly after my arrival and 45 minutes/$50 later I was on my way home. Can't beat that! It's worth noting that the guys were very thorough. They let me know that my rear brake pads were down to 4mm and would likely need changed when I come back to put my summer tire swap. Glenn gave me a price before leaving. I really appreciate the attention to detail, because no one likes to go in for a simple service and walk out with a thinner wallet than originally planned. - Justin B.